2000-2001 Saint Paul College of Manila High School Class of 1975 Headlines

Below is a recap of SPCM HS'75 news and headlines starting last year… year 2000… our Silver Jubilee year! It is far from comprehensive, being limited only to what came through our egroup ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spcm_hs75 ). Accompanying pictures and complete narratives can be viewed at www.paulinians.com.

In case of corrections and omissions, please email SPCM HS75 Web Admin at spcm_hs75@hotmail.com so changes can be considered accordingly.

Early 2001 below: January

Best of 2000 below: TIPAR / Coming Home 2000 -- Stork Visits -- Kudos and Promotions -- Reunions

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January 2001

Pinky Marquez in "Lunch Break"! Top recording and concert artist Pinky Marquez was a special guest on IBC Channel 13's noontime TV show ''Lunch Break'' during the week of 9-12 January 2001! Learn more about her impressive credentials and accomplishments -- visit www.PinkyMarquez.homestead.com! Say hello and sign her guestbook!

Susie, all the best in Tallahassee! Susie Crisostomo-Legaspi (UPLB BS Biology '79; University of Newcastle upon Tyne, M.Sc. Applied Entomology '84; Purdue, Ph.D. Entomology '91) is moving to Florida to serve as Research Entomologist for the US Dept of Agriculture effective Jan 01. She'll be based at Florida A&M where she'll also teach graduate level courses as an Associate Professor. A respected agricultural scientist and academician, she was previously an Associate Professor of Entomology at Texas A&M. Susie, congratulations!

"Instant Kapelikula Reunion!" 29 Jan 01. Kapelikula Restaurant, 2/L Greenbelt Park, Makati City. Pita Revilla, Lia Jovellanos, Zamby Arnaiz, Ditas Santos, Janet San Juan and Sunny Escareal welcome SF's Cecile Lozada. Check them out!

"Welcome home, Ms Valera!" 25 Jan 01. Dasma, Makati City. Host: Lia Jovellanos. Ms Valera was home from Denmark; it was also the birthday of Pinky Marquez and Zamby Arnaiz! A happy, extra-special celebration indeed! Photos!

"BABES Reunion Express" 01-05-01. Belmont CA. Host: Marlou Huibonhua. N'SYNC video starring Louella Albornoz, Mae Cendana, Malu Santos, Dae David, Kathy Hernandez, Erika Miranda, Mitzi Ambion! Tip on MIA actress! Photos!

"Una sa Manila" 01-05-01. Tierra Nueva, Muntinlupa City. Host: Sunny Escareal. Guests: Zamby Arnaiz, Mona Albar, Corby Balda, Alice Dizon, Yeyette Hernandez, Winifred Medina, Beth Reyes, Dettie/Dolly Tesoro. Photo!



TIPAR 2000: Our Homecoming Ball ... a Truly Intimate Paulinian Alumnae Reunion! 28 January 00, 7 PM-1 AM, Manila Polo Club's Grand Ballroom, Forbes Park, Makati City.

Coming Home 2000: Grand SPCM High School Homecoming! 30 Jan 00, 830 AM-5 PM, SPCM Campus, Pedro Gil St, Manila.

Sunny's post-Homecoming report:

Dear Classmates,

What can I say! Our Homecoming was a resounding success. Tipar 2000 was attended by 60 of our classmates while our Homecoming was attended by 67 classmates. Record-breaker na daw iyan. Also got word from the Association that our homecoming also had the highest attendees of all years. As of yesterday, they counted 230 Paulinians who registered. Meron pang nag-pre-register. I could safely say that at least 250 attended the homecoming.

It’s kinda hard to describe what happened. You had to be there to believe it happened cuz it was not just seeing it but feeling it that made the two affairs very memorable. At the very start, we wanted to make the "Coming Home" of our classmates worth it. The ball took the place of our Senior Prom that we cannot even remember anymore. Our Homecoming was the Grand Reunion we always wanted but could never organize. We have been wanting to break 60 since before and we were just able to do it now.

The Tribute to HS SPCM 1975 is something we should all see cuz it chronicled our lives in St.Paul from Kindergarten to GS to HS to the present. It was the first time this was ever done in SPCM. I guess in a way, we have set our mark in St. Paul. With this presentation, I guess, a lot of other Paulinians, young and old, will know who we are. Even if it is only by word of mouth. The whole presentation with the VTR, the lights and sounds system, the live skits just proved that we still have what it takes to come through with a great presentation. Complete strangers came up to me after the program congratulating me for the wonderful show. And that is exactly what we gave them - one heaven of a show.

Actually, the homecoming did not start on January 30. It started on January 27, with our first practice in the auditorium. Somehow, everyone got electrified and the energy level was just so high for everyone. It went on into the Ball, further intensified during our last major practice on the 29th. By the time we got to the program on the 30th, we were at our peak.

During the Tipar, Pinky, Mae, Janet Basco, BJ Revilla-Palanca and the Angfour sang with the Rubber Band. We even got our teachers to join Pinky on stage. Sr. George, Sr. Bernadette Racadio, Ms. Valera, Ms. Lucasan, Ms.Garcia and Ms. Jaramillo. We had Dance Instructors c/o Malu Santos so non-stop dancing. We ended the party with a raffle of door prizes. The party ended past 12 mn.

Sa Homecoming naman, we started with a Mass at past 10 a.m. Our offerors were Beth Martin and Dada. I read the Responsorial Psalm and Daisy S read the Prayer of the Faithful. Pinky sang Ave Maria and one more song. Sr. Anunciata played the organ and the nuns of St. Paul sang for us. Lunch followed at the quadrangle and the Alumnae Association had a presentation. They called all the alumnae to the stage. I had to request na unahin tayo cuz we had to prepare for the program. Our classmates filled up the risers they set up sa quadrangle and I announced that the official count was 67. BTW, Dolly T. won the grand prize of P5,000. Pinangbili daw niya ng mga pictures.

Before we started our presentation sa auditorium, we did a tribute to our classmates who have passed on before us - Celia Acosta-Banzon, Ana Pacia, Henrietta Carreon and Christine Tan. Guests told me that it was so touching.

The audience was impressed by our VTR skit showing Pinky, Mae, Beth and I planning the homecoming. It was shot live at my house. Even Helen Dabao, our technical director and a Coral Jubilarian, was saying that we were so comfortable with each other that we did not look like we were acting. Natural na natural daw. Same goes for Erika and Pita who had cameo roles in the skit. May short part pa nga si Louella sa VTR. But the one who really stole the scene was Beth Reyes-Lugtu. The Clown of the Class. Just imagine if we put Beth, Pinky and Louella together in the show. Riot! Beth did so many ad-libs during the show and she really made people laugh. Kaya Beth - I only have one thing to say - You can act! The VTR was used to introduce the different parts of the program.

Everyone was wowed by the performance of the SPCM-Ateneo Glee Club. They did a Motown medley. Kudos to Mae for bringing them together. When the time came for the Ateneans to sing, our classmates started teasing them, yelling "Guapo!" They were our opening number. After that, they sang the Carpenters' "Sometimes" with Ms. Simon on the marimba and - would you believe - Yeyette H on the piano. That was so touching.

Then there was a short skit that presented our play during our Freshman year - the one about student activism during the 70’s. It was staged by the Tanghalang St. Paul. Medyo nag-act up ang audio ng barilan but otherwise the skit was excellently done. Susie C and other classmates, were kind enough to do the placards used during the play. Tapos, I asked Racquel, the head of the dance troupe, to use a flag to cover the "dead" student. Don’t know where she got it, but by the time she got on stage, may flag na siya. Remember, that was the dance Gina Fabie did during the Fellowship. Si Louella ang tinakpan niya.

Next, the SPCM Dance Troupe presented a short CAT drill. What was funny was that there were few minor boo-boos and Lia said, it did not look bad at all cuz "Ganoon naman talaga tayo noon." Zamby said "Platoon ko iyan ah!" I belonged to that platoon too and we really made a lot of boo-boos during that time. After the CAT drills, the dance troupe presented a dance number.

Did you know that we had last-minute additions to our program? To their credit, sumali sina Bea and Patricia, Suzanne Camacho’s daughters. They played several musical instruments. When they came on stage, someone jokingly hollered "Adopted!" Hindi ata makapaniwalang anak ni Suzanne ang kaniyang mga anak. They're so talented! Carel, the daughter of Pinky sang a song. Like mother, like daughter. Ang ganda ng boses! Intermission number sila.

Then the following children performed the Cheerdancing routine: Dae and Jae Cendana-David, Trisia, Alexi and Marices Reyes-Lugtu, Louie Miranda-Diestro, Tristan Henson-Villanueva, Alexa Jovellanos-Ramos, Carel Marquez-Santos and Lia Medina-Albano. The SPCM Dance Troupe and Pep Squad were the main dancers and performers. Our kids did the pyramid and Marices did cartwheels.

Tapos noon - our grand finale! Suzanne came on stage saying "Assembly? Song and Dance? This is my chance to perform live dito sa Fleur-de Lis! Where are my back-up dancers?" At this point, our classmates came in from backstage and filled up the risers and the back part of the stage. As Suzanne started acting out as though siya ang kakanta, Mae started singing the Donna Summer Song - "On the Radio". Exit si Suzanne and Mae enters. Pinky comes in with the second stanza. Then the party started. Next came the main dancers - Malu Santos, Lia J, Malen H, Doris T, Malu Lontok and ako (na naman) Sa likod kami nina Pinky and Mae. Then the rest of our classmates were behind us.

There were 2 sets. One set was on the stage following the steps of Ditas who was in the middle. Those who did not know the steps were on the risers and did their own thing. We did a Donna Summer medley of three songs - On the Radio, Heaven Knows and Last Dance. You should have seen the girls, they were singing and dancing and according to those who watched, it was obvious everyone was having a good time. And enjoying every second of it.

Then Sherry F. came on stage to thank our classmates who worked so hard for the Homecoming and she introduced me. I came on stage and thanked those who worked with us on the program - Sr. Luisa, Helen Dabao, Ms. Reynoso, the Dance Troupe and the Tanghalang SPCM, and Sr. Anunciata who played the organ for us during the mass.

Then I was "sabotaged". As I called in all our classmates to sing "Coming Home", I didn’t know they planned to give me a rose each. Wala na! I got emotional. And while they were doing that, Erika was beside me collecting the roses, admonishing them for making me cry. In the end, sabi ni Erika, "perahin na lang natin ito." Natawa na ako at that point.

While we were singing "Coming Home", Helen flashed the video of our practices sa screen. Ang ganda daw ng impact.

Just when I was about to call in the Class of 1976 to turnover the Homecoming Cup, Mae yelled "Cut!" And then Myrna read a message written by Annabelle I. When she mentioned my name, I bowed to our classmates to thank them for the recognition. Basta ma-drama masyado itong parteng ito. It was so ma-drama, I completely forgot about the turnover. I went directly to the singing of the Paulinian Hymn. At this point, our teachers joined us on stage. Sayang, Helen wanted to join us but she had to talk to her technican. We sang the slow song, a cappela and Sr. Anunciata accompanied us on the piano for the last part of the Hymn.

When we were about to say our goodbyes, Ms. Valera reminded me of Batch 76. I had to stop everyone from leaving and I called sina Tavi Villapando, Chicheng Reyes, Lui Galvez, Carina Carpio, etc. and presented them the silver Homecoming Cup.

End of the Program.

Victory party of sorts followed sa Manila Manor. Can’t recall all the names of those who attended. Basta we had fun maski pagod at gutom. Come to think of it, I just ate a portion of Marilou Dionisio's delicious lasagna and peach cream dessert. From what I heard, sold out sila.

Mahaba na ito. Hope I was able to give you an idea how everything turned out. Pero iba pa rin if you see it for yourself. Talagang once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I’ll see you again 5 years from now for the next SPCM HS grand reunion. Pearl Jubilarians na tayo noon. Sina Sarita Jovellanos, Chona Dizon and their SPCM HS ’80 batchmates na ang Silver. Helen Dabao, by then will be Ruby. Start making your plans!



21 Jul 00: CAROL GOCHOCO gave birth to her second child! A very healthy baby, ALYSSA MARIKO weighed in at 5-lb 15-oz, and measured 19-in long. Carol is married to GARY TSUYUKI and they have 4-year old daughter, Kaitlyn. The Tsuyukis live in Lafayette CA near San Francisco.

28 May 00: TINA MALIG gave birth to twin baby boys, BRANDON and BRYAN, in Southern California. Tina and hubby BRETT DAWSON also have a grown daughter, Bettina. The Dawsons live in San Dimas CA near Los Angeles.

16 April 00: MARILEN REYES gave birth to 7-lb, 14-oz NICOLO VITO. Marilen is married to LENNY SPINELLI and Baby Nicolo is their first-born. The Spinellis live in Hillsdale NJ near New York City.

12 March 00: PATTY HIDALGO gave birth to 6-lb, 14-oz , 20-inch long JULIA CELESTE. Baby Julia, mom Patty, and dad GREG PATER live in Suisun City, east of San Francisco CA.

Jan 00: MONA ALBAR gave birth to JESSICA MAY. Baby Jessica is the tenth child of Mona and hubby JESS DIMAYUGA and the youngest sibling of Anthony Jess, Victor Jess, Josemaria Jess, Patrick Jess, Joselito Jess, Robert Jess, Angelo Jess, Marie Therese, and Enrico Jess. The Dimayugas live in Bangkal, Makati City.


Nov 00: MONA TRINIDAD-MILLENA (UST, Architecture) started working as a baker at Save On, a higher-end supermarket in Vancouver, Canada. This job is a significant milestone for Mona not only because it brought her back to her love for baking, but also because it's her first job since she and husband Miles and their family moved to British Columbia in the '90s. She's a seasoned culinary pro, having owned a successful catering business in Manila and Pampanga, but waited for her children to grow up before deciding to work in Canada.

Oct 00: SUSIE CRISOSTOMO-LEGASPI (UPLB, BS Biology '79; University of Newcastle upon Tyne, M.Sc. Applied Entomology '84; Purdue, Ph.D. Entomology '91) accepted an offer to work as Research Entomologist for the US Department of Agriculture in Florida effective Jan 2001. Based at Florida A&M University, she'll also teach graduate-level courses as an Associate Professor in Tallahassee. A professional citrus and sugarcane entomologist leading multiple international projects, Susie was earlier promoted in Aug 2000 to Associate Professor of Entomology at Texas A&M where she was a member of the off-campus faculty. She's a well-published research scientist and many of her scientific and academic accomplishments are online on the Internet.

May 2000: MAE CENDANA-DAVID (UP, BS Tourism '84), was hired as the Department Administrator of the Alumni Affairs Office, University of California Office of the President. based in Oakland on her birthday, First of May 2000. She's our Alumnae Relations Coordinator and worked as a free-lance movie scriptwriter before returning to the US after our Silver Jubilee Homecoming. Primarily responsible for coordinating UC Alumni functions nationwide, Mae's new job requires her to be on the road a lot.

Apr 2000: ANN ARELLANO-MADRID (Ateneo de Manila, Communication Arts '79), an aromatherapist, was recognized as Hyatt Regency Lake Las Vegas Resort's "Employee of the Month" for March. Most notably, Ann has just been on the job for less than three months when she earned the distinction. The Madrids moved to Las Vegas in late 1999 from Monterey CA where Ann owned and operated an aromatherapy clinic.

Apr 2000: MARIE SCIPLE was hired as Programs Coordinator at Service Experts, a division of Lennox International, the air conditioning/heating industry leader headquartered in Richardson, TX. A Dallas suburb resident, Marie is also a 17-year veteran with the US Navy Reserves and participates in military operations as Aviation Ordnanceman at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base in Texas.

Mar 2000: BRENDA MARTINEZ-ESLINGER (College of Holy Spirit, BFA '81) got a promotionas the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Marketing Operations Manager forIBM Global Services in Middlesex, UK. She was previously the EMEA LaunchIntegration Manager for IBM PC Company. A resident of Paris since 1981,Brenda also has fond memories of working for 'a big black rat in hot pants'earlier in her career: she worked for EuroDisney (Disneyland-Paris) beforegetting hired by Big Blue and relocating to England in 1995.

Feb 2000: ROCKY YUPANGCO-BUENCAMINO (St Scho-Manila, AB Psych/English '80) left the Philippines to become the new Chicago-based Marketing Services Manager of international packaging systems giant, Tetra Rex Inc.. Rocky was previously the Sales and Environment Manager of Tetra Pak in Makati City, and her new position in the Windy City has kept her busy travelling all over Europe on business last year.

Mid 2000. LAURIE MANALO (Assumption '79) resigned as Assistant Vice President at Bank of America and assumed the Manager's position at the LBC Bank branch located at J.P. Rizal St, Makati City… Likewise, MARISA MARTINEZ (DLSU, Asian Studies '79) left her job at Thai Airways and took over as Manager of SW International. Her company is the General Sales Agent for British Airways and Qantas for Northern Luzon including Manila, Clark, Subic, and Baguio.

Finally, the year 2000 was a banner year for our very own PINKY MARQUEZ (UP, BSCN '80). She participated in three highly-publicized music albums: Viva's all-star "Mother of All", Bing Pimentel's all-original "Buhay, Isang Awit", and SK's monumental "Rama at Sita", the soundtrack of the P40M musical extravaganza . She had a multi-weekend concert at the Rembrandt Hotel in May and also guested in "Child of Morning" engagements. She starred in major stage musicales including Tony Espejo's "Perfect Days", Mookie Katigbak's "Bakhita", Behn Cervantes' "Refuge and Strength", and Nestor Torre's "Sister Oblates". She hosted megaprograms like San Miguel Corporation's "Cookmatch 2K" at Shangrila EDSA, Department of Health's "Salo-Salong Saya" Breast Cancer Awareness Celebration at Luneta, and "Jubilee Pilgrimage for Peace" at the Arzobispado de Manila. She was cast in Larawan, a Reyna Films masterpiece to be filmed in 2001, and continued to successfully entertain our kababayans as the lovable Lutong-Bahay Cooking Show host (PTV-4, 10:30 - 11:00 AM Sundays) and Angfourgettables music-comedy band member For more on Pinky, please visit www.PinkyMarquez.homestead.com.


29 Apr 00. "Jubilee Day in LA", May Gaite-Tugade's Home, Tarzana CA. Attendees: MAISA ENRIQUEZ, FLORIAN NUVAL, DADETTE TALENTO, EDITH UMALI, MARISSA MACEDA, PENNY DELA PENA, MALU SANTOS, JANETTE SAN JUAN, SUNNY ESCAREAL, CAROL GOCHOCO, and MAY GAITE. Sunny's account: "The first of the reunions was held in May Gaite's new house in Tarzana, CA. Hmmmm. Ang galing talagang mang-buyo ni Ma'am Malu. As in hindi pa nakakahinga ang mga Tugade sa bagong bahay nila....as in they just moved in....as in hindi pa kumplete ang mga kagamitan nila....na-convince ni Malu na doon gawin ang reunion. Didn't matter. Dyahe man kay May....tuloy pa rin. And for the first time in so many days, nakakain din kami ng kanin at tilapia. After all the french fries, grilled chicken, hamburgers, pancakes, ang sarap kumain ng kanin at isda…Penny dela Pena, came late cuz she was picked up by Dadet Talento and Edith Umali. She called up May and asked kung sino na nag present. Ako pa lang at that time. Then she called again. May said 'Andito na si Carol.' Sabi ni Penny, 'Ayaw ko nang pumunta diyan. Puro mauutak ang na-andiyan.' Loka! She was so agitated that wala pa sina Dadet cuz her beautiful hair was already going limp. And she took so much time just to make sure her hair was all fixed up so we can admire it. Sa totoo lang, talagang ang kapal ng buhok niya. And take note...wala pang puting buhok. Sabi ko nga 'Meron na iyan. Sa kapal lang, hindi mo makita.' I had to pull her hair to make sure it wasn't fake or a transplant. It was like a lion's mane. She kept saying her famous line 'You can mess up my life. But don't mess up my hair.' She also decided to drop the nickname Penny cuz 'Cheap, eh. Penny lang ako?'…..You should see Carol Gochoco. Malapit-lapit ng manganak, sexy pa rin...! Maisa brought her beautiful two-year old daughter, Katrina. They flew in all the way from Iowa just to be with us… Dadet on the other hand is so SLIM. She's really into this health stuff and is an authority on calories and the like. She's a true health nut… Edith just got a new job. Congratulations! … Marissa Maceda is offering her house for future reunions. Will keep that in mind. Thanks… May on the other hand is still the May we know. They decided to move to Tarzana so that they are closer to their kid's school. Siya ang napalayo but then again, that's more convenient for everyone… We all had fun and ended up staying up to dinnertime. Thanks, May!

4 May 00: Maisa Enriquez-Yuvienco's Home, Davenport IA. The NEQUINTOs (NILO, FLORIAN NUVAL, NOELLE, NICOLE and PATRICK) visited the YUVIENCOS (FRANCIS, MAISA ENRIQUEZ, KATRINA and TRAPPER) in Davenport in the middle of their US cross-country tour, before proceeding to the East Coast and Europe. Both veterinarians, Nilo and Florian were on their way to Belgium where they receive a major industry award.

5 May 00. "Chikahan sa San Fran, Part I", Erika Miranda-Diestro's South San Francisco CA Home. Attendees: PITA REVILLA, MITZI AMBION, MALU SANTOS, SUNNY ESCAREAL, JANETTE SAN JUAN, and LOUELLA ALBORNOZ. Sunny wrote: " Mitzi flew in from New York. We decided to pick up Janette and Louella and we had a mini-reunion sa bahay ni Erika. That night, we picked up Louella. Imagine, we stayed up until 2 in the morning, just laughing our heads off with Louella. Kwento niya ang 5 jobs niya. Puro part-time kaya she gets the lousiest hours as in weekends. That's why she can't attend the reunions. Told her nga next time, we'll have it na lang in Erika's house para makapunta lang siya cuz everyone misses her na."

6 May 2000: "Chikahan sa San Fran, Main Event", Carol Gochoco-Tsuyuki's Home, Lafayette CA. Attendees: GINNY CHICO, PATTY HIDALGO, SUNNY ESCAREAL, JANETTE SAN JUAN, MADDY ZAMORA, ERIKA MIRANDA, MAE CENDANA, MALU SANTOS, MITZI AMBION and CAROL GOCHOCO. Carol's story: "The NorCal reunion was a lunch affair held at my Lafayette residence last May 6th. Erika and Mae C. brought a lot of food (Chinese), certainly enough to feed everyone both lunch AND dinner while I provided dessert and coffee. Erika rented a large van to transport Sunny, Kiko and her two boys, Mitzi (live from New York!), Janette and Louie D. (Erika's son) from South SF. Patty Hidalgo, whom I have not seen since grade school, drove in from Suisun City. She decided to leave her 1-1/2 month old daughter with her hubby. She looked really good, especially for someone who just gave birth. Malu S. arrived from Las Vegas. Later, Mae arrived with her son Jae and Ginny drove in from LA with her hubby Art just that morning. They were staying with family in nearbly Walnut Creek for the night. Last but not least, was Maddy who must have driven almost 200 miles that day between her home, the Air Force reserve training, the reunion and back. Her arrival was somewhat dramatic since I was somewhere else in the house and Erika called me to tell me, 'Hoy! May pulis sa pintuan!' I thought 'Oh no! Baka nagtawag na ng pulis ang mga neighbors kasi masyadong maingay kami or illegally parked ang mga guests sa kalye!' Anyway, surprise! si Maddy pala in full military garb, straight from training. We told her not to bother changing na lang…We celebrated the May birthdays with cake and ice cream cake (which Malu brought--sarap!). Sunny got a darling present in solid milk chocolate from Ginny Chico. Can you tell what it is from the photo? The boys were also entertained between the basketball game on TV and Louie and Jae in the computer room. Ginny's hubby Art was a hit with the kids. Sunny's son Enzo took well to sweeping up the crumbs from the floor using my daughter's kid-size broom and dustpan. Kiko, I think, was speechless for a while there. As always, there was a lot of tsismis and photo shooting. It was a really fun time. We wish you were there too!"


8-9 May 00, "Reno/Lake Tahoe Getaway". Field-trippers: MAE CENDANA, MALU SANTOS, MITZI AMBION, SUNNY ESCAREAL, ERIKA MIRANDA, and JANETTE SAN JUAN and their families. Sunny's narrative: "…Well, we got to Cecile's cottage just before lunch. After eating, ang tanong -- sight-seeing or shopping? Maniwala ka...shopping ang nanalo? Then what could have been a nice day almost ended up sad when we found out that Malu's diamond earring was missing. Ayan...sa sobrang gamit ng telepono, namaga ang tenga. She didn't realize her earring was missing. So we went back to the shopping center and para kaming mga tanga, naghahanap ng earring sa damuhan. She even offered a reward to the one who will find it. Takbuhan ang mga bata. Pati mga matatanda. Wala!!!! True enough, she found it under the table in the cottage… BTW, when we were outside the cottage, a car drove up and an old man approached us asking about the owner of the other cottage. Turns out he was from the Census bureau. Sabi ni Mitzi, ano ba iyan, pinasundan tayo dito ni Louella!!!… That night, we were all in our pajamas and sitting in front of the TV. Parang Baguio retreat, wala nga lang madre. Our kids were playing monopoly until madaling araw. Nakakatuwa the son of Janette, who won the game. Since he was the youngest, the older boys teased him 'Ikaw ang nanalo, eh di ikaw ang mag-ligpit.' Sabi niya. 'Hoy, hindi ginagawa iyan ng mga mayayaman.' And he proceeded to toss the money around. So they all ended up laughing and helping him fix up the place. I tell you, nakakatuwa to see the kids getting along so well with each other. And that's a pretty big age gap - oldest si Louie at 24 and youngest si Enzo at 8. And the nanays? Andoon, pretending to sleep. Yun pala nag-po-pose for picture-taking… The next day, we went to Caesar's Palace to have lunch. Malu was so happy she found her diamond earring that she treated us to lunch. I couldn't help but try the slot machine. And I lost. All of 75...cents. Well, at least I can say, I gambled at Caesar's Palace, di ba?… Tapos picture taking sa Emerald Bay…Then nag-hanap kami ng snow but we only ended up with "dirty" snow. But what the heck, they still did a snowball fight. Should have packed all that dirty snow and brought it to the Philippines para lumamig. Sus! Sa airport pa lang, tunaw na! Mae had fun frolicking on the snow ala fairy. Na-buang na gid!"

10 May 00. "Chikahan sa San Fran, Part IV", Lisa Cendana-Lee78's Hercules CA Home. Attendees: MAE:CENDANA-DAVID and DAE and JAE, SUNNY and KIKO and MIKEY and ENZO VELASCO; JANETTE and BOOGIE HERNANDEZ and JIGGY and JOBY, ERIKA and LOUIE MIRANDA, and the hosts, LISA SPCM HS'78 and ED and JACKIE.

20 May 00. "PEACH Reunion in the Big Apple", Liz Levy Facher's home, Freehold NJ. Coordinated by MITZI AMBION, this was the first reunion at the Facher estate. Present were JANETTE SAN JUAN, SUZANNE CAMACHO, SHELLA NAVARRO, and MALU SANTOS.

22 May 00: Marilen Reyes-Spinelli's poolside, Hillsdale NJ. Attendees: MALU SANTOS, MITZI AMBION, SHELLA NAVARRO, and of course, new mom MARILEN REYES. She gave birth to her first child Nicolo Vito in April 00.

10 June 00. "June Java Jammin' at Kapelikula", Makati City. PITA, CITA, and ROSSI REVILLA graciously hosted an impromptu mini-reunion at their one-of-a-kind Philippine movie theme restaurant located on the ground floor of Ayala Center's Glorietta 4, opposite Shoe Mart. Enjoying the starry setting and fusion food were best buddies BETH TY. BETH REYES, MALU SANTOS, MARYBETH VILLANUEVA, and ALICE CUAZON.

1 July 00. "Taking it easy in Corpus Christi". What do you get when 2 MDs and 2 PhDs get together? A STAR meeting no less… a South Texas Alumnae Reunion! KINCHAY GENUINO-SALLOUM and SUSIE CRISOSTOMO-LEGASPI and their families got together on July 4 weekend this year and explored the Corpus Christi Bay Area. (Note: Susie and family moved to Florida in Jan 2001 where she now works for USDA and Florida A&M.).

12-14 July 00. "Las Vegas Summer Sizzler: ADO ACLAO flew in from New York, ANA A drove in from Colorado, and local resident ANN ARELLANO played host as they reveled in the 105-degree midsummer heat of Las Vegas. Three days of eats, gab and music for sure!

25 Aug 00. Dada Paz-Aquino's Panino Restaurant, QC. Guest: Tokyo's BETH MARTIN-DE MIL. With SUNNY ESCAREAL driving and Beth navigating, the duo reached Panino after a long 2-hour ride from San Andres to Bohol via Espana. It was lunch time and MALU SANTOS and ZAMBY ARNAIZ eventually joined them. Sunny noted: "…There was a discussion kung sino ang talagang jet-setter, si Beth or Malu. Say ni Malu 'Basta, ako I watched Ms. Saigon in New York…went around-the-world after high school… been all over the US'. Eh si Beth naman, 'Summers in France lang naman and other parts of Europe.' Hmmmm....tumigil nga kayo...They went out pa after Panino and then went out again on Tuesday sa Suburbia. Turned out to be the first anniversary of the place and as usual, pag-magkasama si Malu and BETH REYES, eh di showbiz na naman…"

28 Aug 00. San Francisco. "Kinchay and The BABES!" An internist in Corpus Christi TX, KINCHAY GENUINO-SALLOUM was in SF to attend a seminar. LOUELLA ALBORNOZ-ANGELES, MADDY ZAMORA, ERIKA MIRANDA-DIESTRO, and MAE CENDANA spent a wacky evening with her. Mae said "… I had to remind Louella and Erika,'O, pasalitain naman natin si Kinchay' who was crying (of laughter)- thanks to Louella who came 'to give respect to the person who helped her pass high school'. At some point in the conversation, because we allowed her to, Kinchay was able to tell us about her life after SPCM. She told us about that memorable event at QUAD that took place on the last day of our senior class…(hehehe)... Maddy arrived at 6:30 p.m. and we all walked to B44, a Spanish restaurant. We ordered 3 appetizers, 3 paellas,1 pork chop entree and 3 desserts! The staff was so happy because Louella cleaned out the plates and there was no need for dish-washing…To Kinchay, we should be the ones thanking you because YOU PAID FOR DINNER! Sus, saan ka ba naman nakakita ng bisitang nagbabayad? But, as Louella said 'Well, if you insist...' Ayan, kinabag ka tuloy."

8 Sep 00. Sunny Escareal-Velasco's home, Tierra Nueva, Muntinlupa City. Guest: New York City's LAURIE ABAD SANTOS. Attendees: ZAMBY ARNAIZ, CORBY BALDA, YEYETTE HERNANDEZ, FLORIAN NUVAL, BETH REYES, MALU SANTOS, DOLLY TESORO, LAURIE ABAD SANTOS and SUNNY ESCAREAL. Sunny wrote: "Laurie is a master in Ki Energy and she was in town to look at the possibility of putting up a center… She did 'her stuff' on Zamby, Yeyet's daughter Kamille, Florian and myself. It's an interesting form of healing…It removes what they call energy blockages…Without me telling her, she told me that I had lower back pains, hormonal imbalance and a lot of anxiety. She also told me to drink a lot of water to cleanse my kidneys and also for my liver. I had a wonderful sleep that night. When I woke up, wala iyong back pain ko!" Laurie was in Manila for just 2 weeks but she was also able to see Dada Paz and Pita Revilla in addition to classmates who attended the get-together at Sunny's house.

8 Sep 00. "Summer's End PEACH Reunion", Liz Levy-Facher's home, Freehold NJ. Chicago's ROCKY YUPANGCO-BUENCAMINO was visiting New Jersey with her family and PEACH classmates LIZ, MITZI AMBION-HOCSON, CHING LLAGAS-MARBELLA and SHELLA NAVARRO made sure it was memorable. Ching reported they spent the day "…sharing needlecraft tricks…watching Rocky effortlessly fix Liz' inaudible cell phone…and feasting on menudo, pansit canton/sotanghon, lumpiang shanghai, turon, puto, conchinta and home-made hopia, and yes, peaches freshly picked at a nearby farm.

17 Oct 00. "Cool na Cool Copenhagen Tour!" During one of her many Tetra Rex business trips to Northern Europe in 2000, ROCKY YUPANGCO-BUENCAMINO was given a personally-guided tour by Ms DENG VALERA, a favorite teacher who has been living in Denmark for the past 11 years. They spent the day reminiscing and visiting legendary landmarks, as the Danish Royal Castle and the famous Little Mermaid statue.

16 - 17 Nov 00, New York City: PEACHES 'n BABES' Way Cool Fall Reunion! Paulinian East Coast Huggables MITZI AMBION-HOCSON, LIZ LEVY-FACHER, SUZZANNE CAMACHO-JAPSON and SHELLA NAVARRO got a most welcome visit by San Francisco Bay Area Beauties CECILE LOZADA-HERNANDEZ and MADDY ZAMORA. Cecile was in town on business with husband Manny; Maddy was on a holiday break from her RN job in Marin County CA... After eating at New York City Grand Central Station's Oyster Bar (serving the best clam chowder in the Big Apple and beyond!), they spent the rest of the day at Cecile's Library Hotel penthouse, where among others, Shella confided her holiday wish for "physical enhancement"… Later that week, Bert and Suzzanne and Manny and Cecile dined together before the latter headed back for California.

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