Millennium's First Paulinian Reunions!


San Francisco


"Una sa Manila!"

01-05-01. Sunny Escareal-Velasco's Home. Tierra Nueva, Muntinlupa City.

L-R: Dettie Tesoro, Yeyette Hernandez, Winifred Medina, Zamby Arnaiz, Alice Dizon, Mona Albar, Beth Reyes, Corby Balda, Dolly Tesoro, Sunny Escareal.

Talk of the town: "Impeachment! Siyempre hanggang sa get2deger, may talk about the impeachment pa rin. Too technical. Para kaming mga abogado or abogago. Basta, sabi ni Winifred, tinanong daw niya ang mga katulong niya kung pro-erap sila. Kasi kung oo, talsik sila kaagad!"

Talk of the day: "Cheaper by the 10s! We had fun listening to Mona relate her stories about her 10 children - 8 boys and 2 girls. She is also a grandmother 4 times now. She has no problems daw with her boys cuz everytime they ask her if they can go out on a date, she says: "Wala akong pera." They will say, "Hindi naman ako humihingi ng pera." Yun pala, the girls are the ones who treat them out when they go out on dates! She says her older daughter is as feisty and strong like her. She has to be so she won't be bullied by 6 older boys. The other daughter is 11 months old while her eldest boy is 22. Her kids are all trained to do household work such as doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cooking and taking care of their younger siblings. Wow!" (Excerpts from Sunny's account.)


"BABES Reunion Express!"

01-05-01. Marlou Huibonhua-Litton's Home. Belmont, CA.

New N'SYNC "Bye, bye, bye" music video… starring Mae, Malu, Dae, Erika, Kathy, and Ms Louella Albornoz! A collector's item… download it now!

A note for Mr Ricky Lo, the showbiz columnist who was looking for missing movie stars at a fan's request when he wrote: "I thought it would be interesting to find out whatever happened to popular celebrities in the past who had since left the limelight and never been heard of since then...LOUELLA ALBORNOZ (Nora Aunor's sidekick and double); Walter Navarro and Ruel Vergel de Dios (leading men); Sandy Garcia (bemoustached gay character actor)...!" (Philippine Star, 4 July 1999)

Dear Mr Lo,

Yessirree, she's here! Nora Aunor's crony, sidekick, and movie double... the veteran TV and silver-screen comedienne… the funny lady of Tagalog blockbusters Ang Boypren Kong Baduy, Ikaw ay Akin, Chikiting Master, Annie Batungbakal, Bongga Ka Day, Ibalik Ang Swerti, Ina Ka ng Anak Mo, Burgis, Totoo Ba Ang Tsismis?, Tartan, Iskul Bukul, Yakapin Mo Ako, Lalaking Matapang, at marami pang iba… … the one and only Louella Albornoz is here with us! Glad to inform you too that, as you can see, Louella is as riotous, wacky and entertaining as ever!

Sincerely yours,

LAFF (Louella Albornoz Fans Forever J )

Behind Louella above are( l-r): Mitzi Ambion, Mae Cendana, Marlou Huibonhua, Cecile Lozada, Erika Miranda, and Malu Santos.

"Daly City to Belmont… a day-long, fun-filled get-together!"

Hello classmates!

I think it's best if "biglaan" or impromptu ang get-together just like this whole-day thing we had last Friday, the 5th of Jan. Cecilia, Mitzi, Malu and I had late lunch at Goldilock's in Daly City. As usual, Mitzi went ballistic and ordered more than she could eat. Ganun din si Cecilia. Ako, I just ordered gulaman and sago cuz I knew I was gonna end up helping them finish the food. Pano ba naman, eto ang pinag-o-order na akala mo walang kinabukasan: Adobong Manok, Pancit Palabok, Fresh Lumpia, Guinataan halo-halo, Pork Asado and Adobong Pusit. O diba pang FIESTA 'yan? Buti pa si Malu Santos, one "putahe" only..pero hindi pa rin naubos...sigh* Malu's son, Joseph was with us, too.

Anyway, to kill time, the smokers and I...este, the girls and I went to the mall to buy Mitzi's "paraphernalia" she needed for the wedding they were gonna attend the following day. Panic stricken na siya cuz she left "it" daw at home. Secret nalang yung "gadget" na 'yon, okay?

At this point, natawagan na namin si Mae sa Oakland and she was still undecided. Louella was MIA naman. We kept getting a busy signal when we were trying to call her kaya we decided to drop in on her biglaan sa South San Fran. Sabi ni Andrew nasa DayCare across the street kaya we went ahead and surprised her. Imagine, people entrust their kids kay Louella??!! J/K sweetie! So we take her back to her house to make paalam to Andrew. Eh one of her boys had to see a doctor. Being a good mother, they did exactly that. Pero, teka, wait.....hanggang sa clinic, sinundan namin siya kasi baka makawala pa! We asked Andrew if it was alright for us to "kidnap" his wife and you know what he said? He goes, "Please, wag niyo nang ibalik!" He was getting Louella's housekeys na nga para maniguradong hindi makapasok sa bahay si Louella, LOL!

Mae's Dae and JR, Marlou's Iselle, and Mitzi's Hillary and husband Bobby join in…

Then off to Belmont we went to visit Marlou Huibonhua. "Impromptu" dinner was great especially with Louella around to make us choke, gag and spit out our food sa kakatawa. How she managed to talk and eat at the same time, God only knows. Bobby, Mitzi's husband, and Hillary, their daughter came by and joined us for a while (kakain pa daw sila sa Barrio Fiesta). Na-witness nila yung antics nitong si Albornoz. Shocked na shocked si Hillary when Louella let out a big burp as a reply to one of the questions asked her. Sabi namin, "What else is new?"

Cecile's husband, Manny Hernandez, and their daughter, Kathy, were there too.

Mae, Dae and Jae (JR actually) finally arrived at Marlou's. So did Manny, Cecile's husband, and Kathy, their daughter. We watched the video of the NSync special on HBO while Louella (de ville)danced and made sabayan the video. Hindi mo mapintahan ang mukha ni Iselle, Marlou's daughter. In her head, she must have been asking, "Who the heck is she?" or "Does my mom really know this person?" Kidding aside, life of the party na naman si Albornoz. Buti nalang day off niya nung Friday.

"I told you we should have used paper plates…!" Erika and Malu giving the dishwasher a break.

Lilibeth! Sayang at naka-alis na. We were in Southern Cal for the holidays that's why hindi na tayo nagkita. We weren't able to call the other BABES naman kasi nga biglaan itong get together. Wala nga sina Maddy, Carol, Blanche, Patty, etc. It would have been more fun sana.

Oh yeah, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Lia and Juan. Are you celebrating your 10th or 11th year of blissful marriage? Whatever, may you have more happy years ahead of you. Enjoy!

Baboo guys!



Malu came to San Fran all the way from LA, via Chicago!

Malu Santos and Penny dela Pena visited the Dawsons (Tina Malig, hubby Brett, and their 7-month old twins, Brandon and Bryan) at their San Dimas CA home during the 2000 Holidays… Malu then left for Chicago and hooked up with Rocky Yupangco … then on to SF to shop with Erika Miranda… Bottom photo was taken on 01-04-01 at Cecile's home in Fremont -- balmy 55 degrees in the SF Bay Area… 3 Paulinians enjoying the California winter sun!

Fast fact: There are 6 St Scho-Manila alumnae on this page -- Cecile, Malu, Dettie, Penny, Rocky, Marlou... Read what the Philippine Daily Inquirer says about Scholasticans.


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