Welcome home, Susie!

11 Jun 01, 630pm. Dencio's at the Fort, Makati City. Guest of honor: Tallahassee FL's Susie Crisostomo

Report #1 (Thanks, Myrna!):

We had a casual dinner in honor of Susie Crisostomo yesterday evening (June 11) at Dencio's at the Fort in Makati. Present were (from front left below, counter-clockwise) Susie, Myrna Soriente (that's me!), Zamby Arnaiz, Sunny Escareal, Gina Pedro, Beth Reyes, Malu Santos, and Florian Nuval (who came with hubby Nilo Nequinto). It was a night of good food, good fun and great laughter -- especially with the comic antics of Beth, animated stories of Zamby on their recent sojourn to Dos Palmas, the funny quips and punch-lines of Sunny, and orig quips of Malu Santos. To top it all, Malu almost choked on sago syrup, and Florian was all blushy as "Texas" was mentioned -- causing more laughter!

A US Dept of Agriculture research scientist and Florida A&M University associate professor, Susie was in town as part of the USDA team advising the Philippine Secretary of Agriculture and other local officials on biotechnology. (We surely need that to alleviate our food shortages and rapidly improve our agricultural sector.) Big honor -- congratulations Susie!

Speaking of big honor, congratulations as well to Dr. Gina Pedro (UP BSCN '79, Michigan State MSHN '83)! She just received her Ph.D. in Nutrition from UP. Wow!


Report #2 (Thanks, Sunny!):

We were 8 all in all plus 1 hubby, as Myrna mentioned above. Dinner was at the newest addition to the Dencio's chain at the Fort in Makati. They serve Filipino food and their specialty - SISIG! If you have balikbayan friends, bring them to Dencio's.

We all trickled in cuz traffic was, as usual, bad in Makati area. Took Myrna 1 hour from Ayala to the Fort. Iba naman ang rason ni Zamby. She was covering the books of her pamangkins daw kaya sila na-late.

Anyway, Beth and Zamby took turns in relating their experiences at Dos Palmas (about 2 weeks before the Abu Sayyaf abductions at that same resort). Turns out that Zamby, Alice, Malu and Beth were roommates. One banyo lang. And since Beth was the unofficial hostess of the affair, siya ang palaging huli sa banyo. Ang mga bruha daw, ang iniwanang towel sa kaniya eh "twalyita." I guess bimpo lang ang natira sa kaniya.

"Eh tingnan mo naman ang laki ng katawan na ito. Twalyita ang pangtuyo." Alice became the queen of the banyo cuz she filled it up with all her beauty paraphernalia. So Malu's ended up on the floor and Beth said that the only thing she was able to squeeze into the banyo was a toothbrush. Believe it or not!

Zamby nga said "Sabi nila travel-light. Tig-aapat ng swim suits ang dala. And you would think na mag-swi-swimming sila? Hindi! Pang-picture taking lang." And since she brought only 1 swimsuit, siya iyong iisa ang hitsura sa picture taking. Anyway, thanks to the many sarongs they brought, nagkaroon ng variety din si Zamby. "Imagine. Toothpaste lang, ang lalaki pa ng dala ni Malu. Travel light ha?"

The #1 funny thing, si Zamby lang daw ang talagang nag-swimming. The rest were there sa beach. Ayaw siguro mangitim. "Sila pa iyong madaming swimsuit." :o)

BTW, congratulations are in order. We have a new Doctor in the batch. Gina P successfully defended her dissertation and now has a Doctorate in Nutrition. So we took a picture of the 4 Paulinian doctors that night - Dr. Susie C (Ph.D. Entomology from Purdue), Dr. Myrna S (MD from DLSU), Dr. Gina P (Ph.D. Nutrition from UP) and Dr. Florian N, (DVM from UP -- "hayop na doctor/doctor ng hayop", joked hubby Dr Nilo N, UP DVM). Sayang, dapat lima sila if Dr. Annabelle Isaac (MD from UPCM and Harvard) was with us; she had to rush back to her medical director job in Massachusetts earlier that morning.

Not to be outdone, nagpakuha din ang mga "Kundoctors" - Beth, Zamby, Malu and me (middle photo). Oo nga pala, DVM din pala si Nilo N. pero wala siya sa picture kasi hindi siya Paulinian.

Sinabihan nga ni Chiching, sis of Beth, si Beth na iyong i-didinner namin umalis na (referring to Annabelle). Say naman ni Beth, "May isa pa kaming i-di-dinner. Doctor din." Hindi tayo nauubusan niyan.

All for fun, fun for all -- simply love being a Paulinian! Till next time, ladies.

(Photos courtesy of Sunny. Thanks!)


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