8-10 May 01. Dos Palmas Island Resort, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Three days, two nights in an exotic tropical island -- two weeks before the Abu incident! L-r: Beth Reyes, Erika Miranda, Malu Santos (sitting), Zamby Arnaiz, Alice Cuazon, Glecy Cuaso '73. New photo below.

Erika's coverage:

Hello friends and classmates, it's me, Erika! It may be a little too late but I've decided to "bore" you guys with kuentos about my trip to Manila (with Tony and Louie of course) last May. I was asked to be "ninang" (sponsor) to one of Tony's nieces wedding...waaah!!! I almost choked! Ganun na talaga ako ka-tanda! Imagine me wearing a gown..yuck!!! It was a good thing the color motif was blue so I kinda looked smaller or at least that's what it felt like. The wedding took place in Tagaytay.

Next was that trip to Dos Palmas in Palawan. We really enjoyed that trip. Just look at the photos naman. Pati yung asawa ko, enjoy kahit mga "whales" and "dolphins" ang kasama. At first I didn't want to wear a bathing suit. But after some coaxing, I just had to wear one. I actually didn't take one with me simply cuz I DON'T OWN one. With a body like mine, would you even dare buy one? But it was just my luck cuz Malu Santos had 2 extra swimsuits. Why? Ask her nalang. Balak yatang mag fashion show doon. Unfortunately, walang nagkasya kasi malaki siya sa akin.

Pero, teka, wait, for a while and a minute, sandali! Zamby also made baon an extra swimsuit. ALAS! Nagkasya sa akin. It's not that Zamby is as fat as me. It was actually her sister's daw. So in all fairness to Zamby, my good friend (sip-sip..baka wala ng Gourmet Tuyo!), malaki naman ako kaysa sa kanya! I had to wear the bathing suit pero covered na covered naman ako a la Muslim.

Come to think of it, we were there 2 weeks before that Abu Dos Palmas kidnapping… waaaahh!!! I was actually recommending the place to all my friends and relatives when I got back to Manila and back to SF, too. LINTEK… that could have been us!!!! Good if Alice D was there; she could at least "negotiate" for us.... :o) (Hi Alice! Asalamalaikum… peace!)

Glecy del Gallego, Zamby, Alice, Malu, Tony Diestro and Beth. Tony living a fantasy -- getting surrounded by beautiful women! Where was Erika? Taking the picture of course!

Was coiffeur-to-the-stars Fanny Serrano or Ricky Reyes on the island too? Seems like it… classmates just tanning and relaxing and still all coifed-up! Looking good, ladies! Photo from Beth. (Thanks!) New!

Stopped at a restaurant on our way to the airport. Good food! Counter clockwise from front, left: Glecy's hubby Ramon del Gallego, Erika's hubbyTony Diestro, Jun Reyes MD (Beth's brother), Erika and Tony's son Louie, Beth, Glecy, Malu, Erika, Alice and Zamby.

Back in Manila! Tuloy pa rin ang party at Glecy and Ramon del Gallego's house in Alabang. Doña Beth Lugtu (notice the hairstyle), Erika, Malu, Zamby and Glecy.

To read Beth and Zamby's version of the trip, click here. :o)


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