Way Cool Fall 2000! --- "PEACHES 'n BABES Reunion!" 16 Nov 00, NYC. Mitzi Ambion, Shella Navarro, Liz Levy, Cecile Lozada and Maddy Zamora! Photos! --- "Cool na Cool Copenhagen Tour" 17 Oct 00, Denmark. Rocky Yupangco meets with Ms Deng Valera. Photos! --- "Perfect Days" 23-24 Sep 00, Shangri-la EDSA. Pinky Marquez topbilled. Perfect show! PM Page! --- "PEACH East-West Reunions" 8 Sep 00. Rocky in NJ... photos! Laurie Abad Santos and Beth Martin in MNL.. photos!


November 00, New York City

One can't bring the Empire State Building to San Francisco, but Paulinian Bay Area Beauties can surely bring California warmth to a Manhattan autumn!

Friday, 17 November... PEACH pals Mitzi Ambion, Liz Levy and Shella Navarro got a most welcome visit by BABes Cecile Lozada and Maddy Zamora. Cecile was in town on business with husband Manny; Maddy was on a holiday break from her RN job in Marin County.

From top left: At the penthouse of The Library Hotel on 41st St in Manhattan ... Mitzi, Shella, Cecile, Lillibeth and Maddy! A day of fun and laughter!

Right: At the NYC Grand Central Station's Oyster Bar -- serving the best clam chowder in New York City and beyond! Maddy came late ...was busy doing the Big Apple bus tour. J L

Left: Sunday, 19 November...Manny and Cecile Lozada Hernandez spent a cozy evening dining with Bert and Suzanne Camacho Japson. A registered nurse in nearby Long Island, Sue was not able join in the earlier PEACH merriment... It's certainly never too late to meet with a classmate!

Right: Glowing and radiant... another penthouse pose!

(Btw, there are actually 3 RN's in this reunion. In addition to Sue and Maddy, Shella is a nurse also.)

Looking great as ever, ladies! Positively PEACHy! Definitely Paulinian!



NJ PEACH Reunion: Highlights from Ching

8 September 00, Liz Levy-Facher's home, Freehold NJ

Hello, ladies!

Please find attached pictures of the East Coast Mini Reunion in honor of Rocky Yupangco-Buencamino's visit to NJ. Kahit lima lang kami, it was such a happy occasion. Hats off to Mitzi, the east coast moderator for her patience and stamina -- she was driving since 10:30 AM in the morning to pick up Ching, the food, Shella, Rocky and then to Liz Levy's house. Shella relieved her from driving from Piscataway to Matawan to Freehold, NJ. If not for Mitzi's effort, the mini-reunion wouldn't have been possible.

Everything was peachy that day -- the weather, the food, the crowd and we even had "peaches" to go, freshly picked by Liz Levy's family in one of the farms near her house. Liz Levy is a wonderful host. Present tense because we asked her if her residence can be the official venue for future east coast reunions. We promised to bring the food and clean up after. Basta siya lang ang venue. Si Ching ang taga-order ng food at taga-provide ng digital camera. Si Mitzi and Shella ang in-charge sa sunduan. Liz lovingly agreed.


Revelation of the Day: Rocky Yupangco's real name is Rosalia Rosanna Yupangco. It was a discovery during her college life. Her alias when she is not a Rocky is....Sally.

Achievement of the Day: Rocky helped Liz Levy figure out her cell phone which has not been ringing for more than a year now....the ringer was in "low" volume. Now we can contact Liz wherever she is, she was very happy.

Hidden Talent of the Day: Mitz is making rosary beads in beatiful colors of blue and white to be distributed to people for free to help propagate the Holy Rosary. According to Malen H., it was Mama Mary's birthday last September 8.

More Talents Revealed: Liz and Mitzi have so much creative talents in the field of craftsmanship. Have you ever seen hand-crocheted and beaded socks' trimmings? Hand crafted by Liz and Mitz, no less!

Denial of the Day: Ching reveals that she denies her need to wear eyeglasses. She says she squints her eyes and tilts can labels and papers to be able to read the information.

People on the Road to Improve Themselves in their Career: Shella Navarro, our ER nurse, is currently taking advance courses in her field to further her knowledge in the field of nursing.

Food Plate of the Day: We ordered menudo, pansit canton/sotanghon, lumpiang shanghai, turon, puto, conchinta and home-made hopia. See, mas madami pang food kaysa sa amin. We enjoyed the food and we even have food to go. The grand finale was the freshly picked peaches, living up to our name (PEACHES Paulinian EAst Coast HottiES!). We left Lilibeth's house at 8:30 PM.

Finally, bon voyage to Rocky Sally Buencamino, who after coming home from NY/NJ is going to Europe on a business trip, she leaves the same day after her arrival in Chicago. She will be back in the US at the end of September.

Happy birthday to Amanda -- Liz Levy's daughter who is celebrating her 6th birthday. With her in the picture are Mom and 7-year old brother, Aaron.

Next Peach Reunion: Tentatively in November 2000, when Maddy "Putik" Zamora, visits NJ.

We look forward to having more reunions and more visitors from our classmates elsewhere.

To Mitz, Shella, Liz and Rocky --- salamat. It was so much fun being with you...see you again soon!

This is your cub scout reporting from JC, NJ...roger and out. J

Ching Llagas-Marbella


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