Happy birthday, Nilo Nequinto!

3 Feb 2001. Celebrity Sports Plaza, Quezon City.

Sunny's scoop: We got a sort of a mabilisang invitation from Florian who just called us to attend the party. It turned out she was so busy entertaining her foreign guests that she only had time to call us once and then off she went na to the beach. Well, we were able to gather only sina (below, clockwise from Nilo and Florian) Dolly Tesoro, Sunny Escareal, Lia Jovellanos, Zamby Arnaiz, Gina Pedro, and Dettie Tesoro of course. Bitbit rin namin our hubbies, Tom Carunungan, Bani Arit and Kiko Velasco.

What made this night so fun was that Florian got the Spirit of the 80s band to play that night. Eh puro 70s songs. We really missed Mae Cendana and Pinky Marquez who would have just loved singing with the band. Galing nila! And of course, missed Malu Santos, Beth Reyes, Alice Dizon, and Erika Miranda, who know this band very well since they play at Kiko's Bar in Makati.

Highlight of the show of course was Florian’s Mr. "Birthday Boy" Nilo who sang with the band. Give na give siya! Say kasi niya, "Ngayon ko lang magagawa ito at birthday ko...." He did several disco songs with them and I tell you, Nilo was a revelation. Kaya pala niyang mag-banda....

Eto na, in between the sets, they played 70's songs pa rin. And your galing classmates couldn't help but dance in their seats. Sabi ni Zamby..."Ayan,nagsasayaw na ang mga disabled!" During the second set, nagwala na ang mga kaibigan niyo. Dettie said "Basta, hindi kami aalis dito kung hindi tutugtugin ang Rock the Boat." So due to popular demand, the band played it. Akala niyo ba umupo na si Dettie? Hindi.... sayaw pa rin sila ni Tom. When it came to that song from Bagets, iyong erase the blackboard step, dinagdagan namin ng mop the floor, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and iron the clothes. Finale.... eh di ano pa... YMCA! And we were all there in front of the band, doing our usual YMCA. We stayed until 12 mn.

Teka muna, noticed that ang mga Southerners (Alabang, Merville, Makati girls) pa ang nag-attend.... Nasaan ang mga taga-North......Hmmmm.....Hayok sa happening..... OH BTW, would you believe, Florian was able to put all of 40 candles in the birthday cake? Oooops! Gave out Nilo's real age. Anyway, buti na lang hindi nag-on ang sprinkler.....! Happy birthday. Nilo!J

BABES Mother's Day Lunch

12 May 2002, Lafayette CA. The Tsuyukis -- Carol Gochoco, her hubby Gary, and daughters Kaitlyn and Alyssa -- hosted a noontime celebration at their home in Contra Costa County. Special guests were Manila's Florian Nuval and daughters Nicole and Noelle, San Francisco's Erika Miranda and East Bay's Mae Cendaña.

San Francisco Rendezvous

1 May 2002. San Francisco CA. Florian Nuval and family were in town from Manila for a spring visit. SF BABES Erika Miranda and Mae Cendaña (First of May birthday celeb!) gave them a grand tour of the downtown shopping district.

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