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Beth and Laurie's Visit - Sunny's Report

Aug - Sep 2000

Dear classmates,

Here's my report on the visit of two of our classmates.

1. Beth Martin, 25 Aug 00 at Dada's Panino Restaurant, QC -

Picked up Beth at their San Andres residence and after all these years, nawala ako. Kasi naman, nag-expansion program kasi sina Beth and their frontage was completely changed. Met her Mom and Mama. Beth's mom is still bubbly (may pinagmanahan si Beth). Beth's kids were all with her and I was so surprised to see her eldest daughter taller than Beth. Sabi ko nga paano siya liligawan ng anak ko eh mas mataas siya. Of course, she didn't understand what I said...Beth is now even thinner than when she was here the last time. But she said "I'm not thin. I'm sexy." Sigue na nga.

So we set off for Panino and decided to take the Nagtahan route. I told her it was OK with me to pass that way for so long as she will guide me. Siya pa daw ang taga-Tokyo, siya pa ang navigator. Well, we kept talking and talking until all of a sudden, I said "Beth, diba Espana na iyon?" And she shouted "Oo, liko, liko" So we made a 45 degree turn from the leftmost lane and had to make sagasa several cars to get back to Espana. After that it was straight thru Quezon Blvd until we got to Bohol where Panino is located. Ayun tuloy, we got there after 2 hours of driving. Lunch time na. Malu and Zamby joined us after a while.

We were all so surprised to see Ma'am Malu who is payat.....as in.....payat siya. We looked at the yearbook and they also made their changes. Big change ang kay Zamby cuz she changed her solo and added a family pix with her niece. We all told her to explain that picture in her write-up. Otherwise, mukhang single parent siya.

There was also a discussion kung sino ang talagang jet-setter, si Beth or Malu. Say ni Malu "Basta, ako I watched Ms. Saigon in New York." "I went on a round-the-world tour after high school graduation." And mention any part in the States, "she's been there."

Eh si Beth naman, "Summers in France lang naman siya and other parts of Europe." Hmmmm....tumigil nga kayo....basta alam ko walang tatalo sa mga Tesoros. Teka....that's maybe....Chona Matoza. Possibleng wala pa sa ating umaabot sa Africa. Si Chona, nanggaling na roon. Ang init nga raw so she stayed in the kitchen all the time cuz naka-aircon.... O ano...kaya niyo iyon?

Anyway, true to my word, I did bring an air purifier with me cuz I was sure, mauusukan na naman ako. True enough, nagbara na naman my nose but at least my throat did not hurt anymore. Had to leave them after dinner cuz I have a hard time driving at night.

They went out pa after Panino and then went out again on Tuesday sa Suburbia. Turned out to be the first anniversary of the place and as usual, pag-magkasama si Malu and Beth Lugtu, eh di showbiz na naman. Katabi nga daw nila si John Estrada. Beth M. was amazed at Malu's familiarity with the waiters sa Suburbia....first name basis ang mga waiters kay Ma'am Malu. But Malu swears, she no longer goes out at nights. And take note....nagsisimba araw-araw!

BTW, short note. On my way home, I got lost. Buti na lang, I called my sister Chiqui and she gave me directions. Otherwise, I could have ended up in Espana again.

2. Laurie Abad Santos, 8 Sep 00 at Sunny's home in Tierra Nueva.

Just like Beth, Laurie was here only for 2 weeks. She flew in from New York and at least, she was able to see sina Dada and Pita aside from the girls who came to my house. We were nine all in all - Laurie Abad Santos, Zamby Arnaiz, Corby Balda, Sunny Escareal, Yeyet Hernandez, Florian Nuval, Beth Reyes, Malu Santos and Dolly Tesoro (who came with Bani). Eto na naman, Napaka-payat ni Laurie. Parang si Beth Martin. We found out that she is a master in Ki Energy and she was here to look at the possibility of putting up a center.

Laurie did "her stuff" on Zamby, Yeyet's daughter Kamille (who was sick and kinaladkad ni Yeyet sa bahay to have a session with Laurie), Florian and myself. It's an interesting form of healing. Maybe some of you guys in the States can get in touch with her to ask her what it is all about. It removes what they call energy blockages. I found it fantastic that Laurie could keep up that kind of activity without getting tired. Although I did tell her she looked tired. Without me telling her, she told me that I had lower back pains, hormonal imbalance and a lot of anxiety. She also told me to drink a lot of water to cleanse my kidneys and also for my liver. I had a wonderful sleep that night (or should I say morning?) When I woke up, wala iyong back pain ko. She got into it daw cuz of her chronic fatigue syndrome. Was trying to get sina Malen and Daisy dito para sa session but they couldn't make it.

Humabol nga lang pala si Beth Reyes from her daughter's b-day party sa bahay niya. When she came, gulat kaming lahat. So if you look at the pictures that will be posted. Ito ang caption. "Beth, ano iyang tinatago mo sa likod ng bag?" Second picture "Eh di ano pa....ang braso ko."

Anyway, they stayed until 1 a.m. And as usual, ang matagal iyong good-byes. Imagine, madaling araw, ang pinaguusapan sa kalsada - ang pagpapapayat. Say ni Malu " Beth, magpapayat ka na..." Say naman ni Beth "Eh paa ko nga, hindi ko makita..." I wonder if my neighbors heard that? Patalsikin kaya ako dito sa village?

OK gotta go.



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