SPCM HS'78 LA Reunion

6 May 2001. Kapistahan Restaurant, Lakewood CA.

As with all our past reunions with the LA girls, our May 6 gathering at Kapistahan Restaurant in Lakewood was full of suspense, drama, action, laughter and fun! You know how I always say "You should have been there" every time I make kwento about our reunions? Well, I just have to say it again. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!

Seated (l-r): Marela Mijares, Pilucci Gonzales, Bebet Abiva.

Standing (l-r): Mayette Aquino, Maribel "Cutie Pie" Garcia, Ana Balboa, Kathleen Niguidula and Kat's friend from St. Scho, Vikki.

It was so much fun! Well, the reunion itself was. Not the parts leading up to it, partly because I was an hour late to the event. BWISET talaga. But tell me if you would have pulled out all your hair if this had happened to you. Okay? Here goes.

I was in such a good mood when Kat-Kat called me to verify that I'm going to make her sundo at her friend's house about 5 miles away from me. Tapos, when I got there, I got so excited when I saw the bruha that I got out of my car. She's still the anorexic beauty I remember from our schoolbus days. Dapat lang sabunutan. I left the key in the ignition, thinking na OK lang, tutal I won't close the driver's door (kasi my alarm makes the car lock itself).


So hayun, we're screaming and hugging, bigla nalang somehow, siguro dahil my door is so heavy, it closes by itself without me noticing. And sure enough, the car locks me out, with my purse, cell and Triple-A card (for emergency road service) inside. That was the first in a series of disasters. Anyway, to summarize, Triple A sent someone to help me, but the people I spoke to were so inept that help finally came an hour and a half late. Tapos, nung nabuksan na yung lock ko, hindi niya naman matanggal yung thing na ginamit niya from my door panel. After 45 minutes of trying, he succeeded in pulling out the rod, but in the process, he broke my window.So hayun we had to clean up muna before we could finally leave at 11:30 a.m., the time I insisted we should all meet.

Mayette, Pilucci and Chippy Aguilar

But when we got there, parang it was like having a baby. Nakalimutan ko lahat ng kamalasan ko. Just seeing everyone was so nice. Wala pa si Chippy Aguilar at that time. She arrived about 1:30 p.m. Anyway, the "dance" Ana B. was talking about was the "interpretative" dance I've been threatening to do for two years. It was very short. Short but meaningful. Pero feel na feel ko talaga. What it was, was a collection of moves that reflected memories from our childhood. I hope everyone was impressed. I think they were. In fact I believe they were all so moved that they all couldn't breath. And they were shaking so hard. I may have seen tears rolling down some of their faces. It was quite touching, you see.

Clockwise (from top left): Mayette, Ana, Bebet, Pilucci and Maribel.

So I guess some of you heard the wonderful news. We had two preggies in the group. Maribel Garcia and Bebet Abiva. They were both glowing and looked wonderful. They also ate half the food. Loko lang. But speaking of food, it was just one more thing that makes me want to say - YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!

Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare, Crispy Pusit, Chicharong Bulaklak, Ginataan Hipon with Gulay, Pork Barbecue, and for dessert, Halo-Halo, all served by our friendly tisoy of a waiter, Roland. I declined dessert (partly because I had two sago't gulaman with my food. Oink-oink.)

Chippy, Marel and Mayette.

Tapos dumating na si Chippy, and she looks the same pa rin. Still cute. Tatlo na ang anak niya but she left them at a relative's house kasi daw para she can really enjoy herself. If I know, it's para hindi siya mabuking sa mga past kalokohan niya. Ano fa fe fi fo fum. I can make kwento about everything we talked about but it's really different if you're there kasi you catch this little snippets of conversation that are just priceless.


Mayet: Roland, meron ba kayong turon?

Roland: Ay, wala po.

Marela: Sila wala. Siya meron.

Anyway, we are thinking of going to San Francisco sometime for a reunion with the bruhas over there. Lis, kung talagang seryoso ka, sa haybols mo nalang. Mag order nalang tayo ng chibog. In closing, the reunion was wonderful. Our batch has a lot of really wonderful people in it!

(This narrative is courtesy of Marela Mijares-Flick, SPCM HS'78 egroup moderator. Thanks, Marel!)

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