2001 SPCM Grand Homecoming

A Paulinian Celebration hosted by SPCM High School Class of 1976!

Theme: Renewing Our Old Ties with SPCM (ROOTS)

28 Jan 01. SPCM Fleur-de-Lis Auditorium, Manila


Live at the Fleur-de-Lis...SPCM HS'76...The Silver Jubilarians of 2001!

(The following is a portion of the event recap from Eileen Niguidula-Redoblado, SPCM HS'76 webmaster and eGroup moderator. Some info also came from Sunny's report. Thanks!)

After eating lunch at the Quadrangle, we all proceeded to the auditorium...... For those who haven't visited SPCM since graduation, it is now fully air-conditioned with new seats and lighting systems. J

Program hosts were KITKAT & GIGI...... The opening prayer was led by Sr. LUISA. Opening remarks were made by PAAM President, Ms. CARMELITA REYNOSO. Then a violin rendition was made by 88 year-old Fossil Jubilarian (naubusan ng term) MS. LORETO ROMUALDEZ-RAMOS, SPCM High School graduate of 1930. She wore her original school uniform.

The Golden Jubilarians (1951) did La Cumbia, a popular dance.... The Sapphire Jubilarians (1956) were represented by their protege and scholar, KIRAY, a 5-year-old girl with great singing and dancing talent......... IRENE LAURENTE's PRELUDE TO LEGACY was then shown - a great production which is better seen than described......... scenes from the 70's intertwined with pictures of Batch 76 and reunion videos from recent years. SR. GEORGE then received the Batch 76 legacy for the Vigil House, the Tabernacle.....

The Ruby Jubilarians (1961) did a Hawaiian hula number, dancing to the tune of Tiny Bubbles while some of their batchmates blew bubbles on the side... Dancing to Surfing USA were the Coral Jubilarians (1966), followed by a really long song-and-dance number (a la long playing album) by the Pearl Jubilarians (1971). Sunny wrote: "I really loved the presentation of the Pearl Jubilarian with sina Rebecca Villavicencio, Ofelia Gaite, Gigi Medina, Marivic Garcia, Primi Obias and other classmates of Batch 71. (I just realized that we are also jubilarians of this year. We graduated from Grade School in 1971. ) They sang a medley of songs that were popular during their time... Alfie, Aquarius, etc. They were even able to get the other jubilarians up on their feet to dance with them...!"

After all the other years had presented, Belay Abeleda, Kitkat Bonnevie, Lui Galvez, CarinaCarpio and the rest of SPCM HS'76 others did a dance number, La Russo.

The Silver Cup was then turned over to the Silver Jubilarians of 2002 led by AYIE CRUZ who delivered an acceptance speech in behalf of SPCM HS'77....

Shankee Sancianco was also given a special recognition for sharing the Newsletter "Roots" with the Association. ROOTS means "Renewing Our Old Ties with SPCM."

BABA's twin daughters in their St. Paul Pasig grade school uniform, did the Paulinian Pledge, followed by the other children singing and playing to the tune of Busy Days. The batch them joined the children as we tried to sing THE JOURNEY and finally with gusto and less tears, the Paulinian Hymn. GINA joined us onstage, complete with immobilizer and crutches. During this time, there was a slide presentation of SPCM HS'76 high school and present pictures. It was prepared by none other than Janette San Juan.


O siempre, di pa tapos yun. There was an announcement to proceed to Oyster Bar at Rockwell so sugod, mga kapatid. We practically closed the place, driving away other customers. Sorry, masaya kami eh. So more parties were planned. LIA said they will continue to party daily till all the balikbayans leave. J

2001 Homecoming Weekend: PAAM invitation. Batch 76 Dinner. Volleyball Fun Day. Lunch at the Quad. Vigil House visit. SPCM HS'76 Website.

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