2001 SPCM Grand Alumnae Homecoming

A Paulinian Celebration hosted by SPCM High School Class of 1976!

Theme: Renewing Our Old Ties with SPCM (ROOTS)

28 Jan 01. SPCM Campus, P. Gil St., Manila

 Fun at the Quad!

From Sunny's report: Lia, her sister Sarita and I arrived just in time for lunch. Mass had not finished yet so we decided to take advantage of an early lunch. Sr. Luisa joined us. Saw some younger batches there too. Batch 78 was represented by Kathleen Niguidula (slavenatin), and Batch 79 was represented by Nadine Niguidula and my sisterChiqui. Batch 80 was represented by Sarita Jovellanos and Juana San Juan.Janette was asked by her aunties why she was a Silver Jubilarian again. SoI told her to tell her aunts "Kaya niyo iyon?"

They also sold t-shirts and they asked us to sign their T-shirts. Cute naman. I didn't know that my sister Rosario's batch was the Pearl Jubilarian this year. So I went tothem and took their pictures also. Tina Revilla also belongs to this batch. Sr. Nieves was there and she said she missed out on our presentation which she heard was very good. So I told her to watch the tape which I gave to Sr. Luisa. Ms. Advincula-Dimalanta was also there. She told me that our grade school teachers regularly meet and asked me to attend. OK with me. Even Sr. Miriam daw attends whenever she is in town. She is at present assigned to Tuguegarao. During the program at the quadrangle, they called representatives of each year. We told them that we attended to give support to Batch '76. We also apologized for our batch(cuz it was just Lia and myself) with the excuse that "They are still recuperating from last year's performance." I added, "matatanda na kasi."

Saw Christine Bonnevie there with her daughter and was able to take picture of them for our yearbook. Found out that she is now the Operations Manager of the Savannah Moon, a well-known ballroom place in E. Rodriguez, Libis,Quezon City. She now lives in Antipolo, Rizal. Below, Christine and Kitkat even posed ala Aldeguer Sisters much to the delight of those watching...!

(The following is a portion of the event recap from Eileen Niguidula-Redoblado, SPCM HS'76 webmaster and eGroup moderator. Thanks, Eileen!)

Registration started at 9AM in the lobby behind the Fleur-de-Lis Auditorium. We were given Jubilarian yellow ribbons plus an oversized silver sequinned fleur-de-lis pin. Naku!!! Where do we put this eh we have our batch fleur-de-lis pins, too? Siya, ilinagay sa waistline ang sequinned pin.......

Off to the chapel we directly went kasi it was already almost 10AM, time for the Mass to start ..... Beso-beso with some of the new faces who were not there last Friday like MAGNETTE, EVELYN, CARMINIA, KAREN, etc....

In the middle of the besohan, eto na si Prexy TAVI asking me if I knew how to operate the projector and the moment I said YES, susmaryosep, she gave me the task of projecting the transparencies for the songs. Hellllloooo!!!!! I couldn't say no kasi she turned na her back with finality. Sige na nga. Kahit na I haven't attended any of their practices. At least I have an unobstructed view of Fr. Reuter and the rest of the Chapel. J

Above: With Ms Iling Reynoso (Paulinian Alumnae Association of Manila President) are SPCM HS75 batchmates Sunny Escareal and Lia Jovellanos.

Fr. JAMES REUTER, now slowed down by age, arthritis, et al, said the Mass. He gave a sermon which struck us to our very core, reinforcing our thoughts that the Paulinian education we had then, we still carry with us till now. Fr. Reuter blessed our batch pins and the tabernacle we donated to SPCM c/o Sr. George. He also gave us absolution of our sins so that we could all receive communion. We just had to make sure to make our confessions as soon as possible.

SUSY was lector. There were readers & offerers, representing the different batches.

During communion, my sister, NADINE (79) came near me to get the microphone. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was going to sing. I asked why and she said she just wanted want to. And she did. Uhmm, aba meron siyang boses. J

Ta-rannnnn..... eto na ang Paulinian Hymn. At the first note pa lang, susmaria!!! Ngawaan na to the max, hagulgulan, palobohan the nose, pa-wipe-wipe ng tears in between choked laughter. Ay grabe!!!! There was not a dry eye in the Chapel. Hanep sa emote-emote......

More picture-taking by the tabernacle.....

More picture-taking by the Chapel steps, by batch..... That's the picture you see with the Tabernacle flanked by Shankee & myself..... Kaya lang Fr Reuter was nowhere in sight. He just learned that a friend of his passed away and so he opted to go straight to the wake.

Lunch was at the Quadrangle. KKB, no chits this time. We ate mostly that of KAREN's catering. We had tents and parachutes shading the tables and chairs. But many of the girls left to eat outside.

A program was led by MARITES GUIDOTE-AGUIRRE, TERESITA SAYO-PADUA & BAE-BEE REYNOSO. Ms. Baebee tried to inject some humor....... There were more raffle prizes. The different batches were called. Siempre most special mention ang batch 76....... ROOTS , the acronym of our newsletter (thanks to Shankee) also became the Homecoming theme for this year...... Someone announced the new website for all Paulinians and it's called www.Paulinianglobal.com. Go check it out....... Janette sold more white t-shirts printed with Hark Daughters of the Great St Paul in black and everyone autographed each other's t-shirts......

2001 Homecoming Weekend: PAAM invitation. Batch 76 Dinner. Volleyball Fun Day. Live at the Fleur-de-Lis. Vigil House visit. SPCM HS'76 Website.

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