2001 SPCM Homecoming Volleyball Fun Day!

Saturday AM, 27 Jan 01. SPCM Quad. Alumnae All-Stars vs SPCM Selection.

Sunny's account: Players from Batch 75 - Lia Jovellanos and Dettie Tesoro; Batch 76 - Gina Olondriz, Vivian Recio, Cristina Lorenzo, Marilen Arrastia, Chiching Reyes, Vicky de Joya, Grace Domdom (I hope I got all their names in); Batch 77 - Carol Marquez and Carol Ocampo; Batch 80 - Juana San Juan and 2 more ladies whose names I don't recall. Their opponents were the non-academic and academic personnel of SPCM. We lost 4-1 but the scores were close. Sabi ko nga, "Siguro sabi ng mga students 'Ay! May puting buhok na sila! May wrinkles at bilbil pa!" Actually, everyone looked young pa except for the weight. Everything started out well until Gina had a bad fall and was carried out of the game. Only Dettie played the whole 4 sets while the rest played 3 sets and some even less than a set. Kawawang Lia ( and I guess those who have not played in a long time.) both her arms were bruised all over and plakda daw siya that night. Si Dettie? Naglaro pa sa Alabang that afternoon!

Front: Kitkat Bonnevie, Chiching Reyes, Eileen Niguidula, Gigi Besa. Sitting - Vicky de Joya, Grace Domdom, Irene Laurente, Gina Olondriz, 1, Lui Galvez, Bellay Abelleda.

Back: Marilen Arrastia, 2, Baba Arellano. (Our apologies for missing the names of Paulinians 1, 2. Pls let us know at SPCM_HS75@hotmail.com . Thanks!)

It was really fun. Actually, what we wanted last year was a game between our batch and batch 76 whom we never beat in volleyball. But we were too busy with the presentation and I was not able to arrange this. So Batch 76 organized it and the result was great. They had fun in the sidelines cheering the players on. Bellay Abelleda, Twinkle Cruz and Kitkat Bonnevie had pompoms and did an impromptu cheerdancing routine with make-believe cartwheels. I lost my voice just shouting. Even sina Sr. George, Sr. Luisa, Deng and Ms Pena were around to watch the fun.

BTW, our grade school teacher Ms. Advincula (now Mrs. Dimalanta) was there. She used to be with SPC Pasig and transferrred to Manila last year. She did not know that we were the jubilarians last year. Had she known daw, she would have come. They regularly hold reunions daw and promised to invite us when they have the next one. Gave her a copy of our directory for reference. They told me that Ms. Purificacion Villegas (Science) already died due to some illness. Ditto with Ms Guia Crisolo. Sad.

Sr. George asked me if we would be interested in putting up a scholarship for a student to take Education at SPCM. There are very few girls now who want to be teachers. I called Ayi Cruz of Batch 77 and asked her if she would be interested in holding a joint fund-raising for this cause. Game daw sila. Talked to Tavi Villapando of Batch 76 and she said, they will join the discussions. We have a meeting on Feb 24 at SPCM to discuss this. Asked Sr. George to give us a study of how much to finance a 4 year course and the criteria to be used in choosing the candidate plus what is expected of the scholars as soon as they graduate. Of course, they have to teach in SPCM for some years. I'll report back to you on this.

We stayed until after lunch before going home. It was really a fun day.

(The following is a portion of the event recap from Eileen Niguidula-Redoblado, SPCM HS'76 webmaster and eGroup moderator. Thanks, Eileen!)

…The following day, Saturday, we were all told to come to SPCM for the volleyball game which was supposed to have started promptly at 9AM. My sister, KATHLEEN (batch 78) and I were the first ones there. We were welcomed by the college teachers there. One very familiar face came over and to our shock, it was Ms. ADVINCULA, grade school Pilipino teacher turned PE teacher, now Mrs. Dimalanta and a college teacher. She remembered my family name, saying, NIGUIDULA!!!!! She would have wanted to attend the previous night's party and whatever else Homecoming of the batches. Of course, she has put on weight but is still so bubbly and so warm.

Front: Kathleen Niguidula '78, Sunny Velasco. 2nd: Grace, Ms. Advincula-Dimalanta, Eileen., Tavi Villapando, Cris Lorenzo. 3rd: Sarita '80 and Lia Jovellanos, Dettie Tesoro, 2.

The players started coming one after the other, including those from the other batches. And here, I really need a lot of help bec. I just can't remember all their names. Batch 75 - LIA JOVELLANOS, DETTIE TESORO, SUNNY ESCAREAL (photographer ang role nya, heckler on the side, player kung desperado na at baldado na ang iba.) Batch 77 headed by AYIE CRUZ, CAROLEand another CAROLE (help) and Batch 79-80 - yuk, forgot na talaga. My apologies. From our batch, GINA, CRISTINA, IRENE, CLAUDIA, VIVIAN, CHRISTINE, VIKKI, MARILEN, GRACE DOMDOM.

There was talk that our players were really the best during our time (eh talaga naman), that we remain unbeaten during our four-year stay in SPCM, etc. so that the NAPA (or non-academic personnel association of SPCM) was scared of our players. O di ba, at least, our reputation precedes us. Something we can really be proud of.....

Just before the game started, we had shocking news that LIA and ROSSI met a vehicular accident but were okay. How could they be okay when someone said it was a head-on collision while EVA said that she saw an accident along Taft Avenue and the car looked bad. They were brought to the Manila Doctors' Hospital but were going to be transferred to Makati Medical Center. Much as we wanted more news, there was a game to win and we had to put our trust in God that He would take care of them through the help of the doctors.

And the game was about to start na when the players were given updates on the latest volleyball rules. So many changes since a quarter of a century…. Twenty five points per set. Puedeng tumama ang ball sa net during a serve. Best of 5. Ewan ano pa..... As the players were huddled over the referee, Marilen rushes out because she said she's not playing if she can't curse. It's like her life. The new rule kasi says that if you say just one bad word, a point goes to the opponent. Ay talo siempre si MARILEN. So that has to be given na lang to her if she would play. True enough, thanks to her beauty and charm, nakalusot to make mura and make mura she did with the first toss of the ball. Sr. GEORGE was watching her so bemusedly on the side.

Batch 76 whooping it up - "Go Alumnae! Go! Go! Go Alumnae!"

In fact, Sr. George has really mellowed down. Some alumnae were smoking in the non-smoking campus. Eh because the threat to expel us is no longer present, she said in a very concerned by toned-down voice, "Ay, no smoking dito!" You think they stopped smoking? Nah, they just moved on to a less conspicuous place.

Meanwhile on the sidelines, the girls in the soft yellow batch tshirts with ROOTS in front and the Paulinian hymn at the back were gearing up, trying to recall the cheers of yesteryears. GRACE asked her niece to make pompoms but bec. of miscommunication, they were made in green and white pero puede na rin. TWINKLE was at her best, dancing and shouting in her trademark husky voice. She was joined in by KITKAT in her lovely spaghetti-strapped red blouse and TAVI in her canary yellow polo over shocking wildy-printed pants. In the end, they made up a really good cheer - GO, ALUMNAE!!!! GO! GO! GO ALUMNAE!!!!

The game began. Wow, the form and spirit were still there. We could all feel the adrenaline rush through our bodies, much like in high school. Serves were made and caught. The ball bounced from one court to the other. We felt like we were in high school all over again. The excitement was not any less than when we were giggling high schoolers.

GINA was playing coach. Most of the girls, except for DETTIE TESORO (75) have not played since high school. Dettie came really prepared with knee pads and hand bandages. VIVIAN, CRISTINA and the rest of the players still had it. It was really great watching them all.

Dettie Tesoro, Vivian Recio, Cristina Lorenzo, Carol Marquez and Gina Olondriz

Then came a terrible blow when GINA met an accident after she hit the ball. She must have twisted her right knee, or it must have popped out, whatever, she fell backwards and almost rolled over. We thought she hit her head and she passed out. She had to be carried on a chair, her knee immobilized and ice placed over it. After the game, she was brought to the Makati Medical Center by Vivian where an orthopedic surgeon saw her.

Meanwhile the game continued. The opponents won the first set while we had the second set to ourselves. The third set was again won by the opponents. This was 11AM and the sun ws really up and soooo hot. So we said, sige na concede na. Fun game lang naman eh. Aba, no, fight it out daw as in best of 5 talaga. So another set was played.

Nakakatuwa to still have the spirit. Of course, we lost. But it was so much fun. On the side, we were hearing comments from the present-day Paulinians (this is no bola huh) - "They're just older but they're still beautiful." "Okay pa rin sila. At wala pang practice yan." "Nakakatuwa silang makita - naglalaro pa rin kahit graduate na at meron nang edad."

We ate lunch in school. Aba, buy pa rin kami ng chits. But the chits are no longer laminated. Just paper.....

After lunch we all proceeded to the auditorium where real hard work awaited us. I'll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say that the balloons you see in the pictures - hinipan nina CHRISTINE yun. The ribbons, the other girls curled them. The balloons onstage, CHERRY & I taped them one by one. Tapos, dinagdagan nina TONETTE, LORNA & TAVI. The green & yellow balloons naman sina BABA & co. yun. The rest tiga-ihip ng balloons, tiga-tali, tapos when minds were changed, tiga-tanggal ng tinali-taling balloons. Ay, basta, masaya ang chaotic disorder na yun. The rest I remember working there were CARINA, LUI, CLAUDIA, JOSIE, BELLAY, VALERIE, ANGIE, VIVIAN, KATHLEEN (78), AGNES & the children of Baba, Lui, Josie & Carina. Sorry talaga if I omit names........L J

2001 Homecoming Weekend: PAAM invitation. Batch 76 Dinner. Lunch at the Quad. Live at the Fleur-de-Lis. Vigil House visit. SPCM HS'76 Website.

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